In 1918, the regaining of independence after almost a century and a half, the date from which the rebirth of all forms of statehood begins. Activation and the emergence of new professional corporations. This is a difficult task because in every partition the corporate structure looked different. Also, the curricula in each of the partitions and postgraduate specialization education differed. A number of years have been going on regarding the possibility of establishing a unified organization of dentists and dentists from three partitions.

After 1989, the Polish Dental Association continues to conduct post-graduate education on a large scale in the form of monthly scientific and training meetings in all branches and remains to this day the only universally recognized professional organization in Poland. Organizes or patronizes academic sessions and conferences. The press bodies of the Polish Dental Association are the Journal of Stomatology and Dental Prosthetics, which PTS issues. Other titles such as Dental and Medical Problems, Dental Forum and Dental Implantology Clinical Dentistry patronize. All journals covered by patronage or PTS have reached a very high scientific level, which has been recognized in the form of entering them into national and international indexed lists of medical publications. Once every five years, the Polish Dental Association organizes the Congress of Polish Dentists. 2014 was the twelfth event of its kind. Over the past 63 years, more than 350 sessions and congresses have been organized in the thematic sections, but more than 11,000 (eleven thousand) science and education meetings in all of them.