How oral health can affect the performance of pingpong players

You will never understand peace when you have a toothache. In fact, your mind is unsteady due to the pain. You need a clear and sober mind to play ping pong effectively, this is only possible when you take good care of your oral hygiene. Poor oral care leads to:

· Toothache

· Tooth decay

· Dental illness

Here are some proper oral care habits?

The foods we eat when left in the mouth without brushing creates a good environment for the multiplication of bacteria. You need to brush your teeth after every meal. Always visit a dentist after every six months, the tooth is a body part that is most ignored. You only remember to see a dentist when you are so much pain that you cannot bear. Not knowing that the pain is an untreated illness which might lead to a tooth removal.

That intensive ball hitting makes a reflex of shouting as a way of releasing air that you accumulate in preparation for the ball hitting in response. If you have bad breath, you tend to avoid that, you will lack the momentum to hit the ball with strength and vigor. Your opponent will use this weakness to his advantage.

Imagine you are toothless just because of poor oral hygiene. You will always want to close your mouth at all cost. In worst cases, you avoid a crowd, this affects your confidence and self-esteem. How will you relate socially with fellow ping pong players to learn new trends and tactics in the game? You end up in your cocoon and poor growth in ping pong gaming. If you meet a stronger opponent, you are doomed.

When in pain just because of a toothache, you will not use your full potential in gaming. You will do the bare minimum, it could be an international championship. Do you think you will maintain your position as a professional ping pong player? yet you have no control over the change of dates because of your tooth pain.

As long as you are in pain, the mind is also occupied with production of hormones to produce enzymes to counter the pain. Ping pong is a brain game, you have to be sober and have a clear state of mind to make use of your gaming skills in table tennis.

It is obvious, if you cannot take good care of your teeth, then your overall health might be at risk. Will you even wash your hands after visiting a toilet? Poor oral health is an indicator of poor health. You will no manage to hit the ball and use eye coordination as you also manage your body movement. You will lack the muscular endurance to maintain the physically-intensive game for a win.

Table tennis comparison with other games requires proper physical health to ensure you can maintain longer hours of table tennis gaming. In addition, goo health has a direct correlation with the mental and emotional health. If you are not at peace with your body and yourself, believe you me, it directly affects your ability in ping pong gaming.